Houtskool, pastel, potlood en inkt op papier, 93 x 65 cm

Question student: "When did you evolve the principle of 'drawing as a never ending process'? Was there a single moment when you decided to not throw anything away anymore?"

Answer AvA: "No, not really. There was not a specific moment, it develops through time, given the circumstances. I started this way of working around 1984 when I worked in a squatted studio in Groningen that was completely empty and I covered the floor with paper. There was no furniture, no computer at that time, there was no distraction at all. I just went there every day and worked on this drawing on the floor. It took me about a year to end this drawing which was about 100 square meters. I cut the paper and turned all the sheets around and started to work on the back of the paper. I had no money to buy new paper. It took me another year to finish the backside. By that time I had to move to a smaller studio and in order to move them I put all the sheets of paper in a stack. This was my first stack of drawings that were drawn on from both sides. I started to add new sheets of paper to the stack and continued drawing on them. I liked this way of working very much and I created much more stacks that I've been working on since then. So that's how it developed. There was not a certain moment. It is a gradual process."

"In addition to the answers I got from the interview with the old man Mr. Allie and this young student soul, I went to smoke a cigarette with a relaxing mind-set and a joyful smile."