Houtskool, pastel, potlood en inkt op papier, 93 x 65 cm

"In my acceptance interview, Mr. Allie van Altena was in the admission committee. He asked me what kind of books I usually read and when I said: 'Arabic literature' he asked me if I knew Al-Roumi. It was not expectable for me to hear this name in my acceptance interview at an art academy in The Netherlands. This poet and philosopher is one of my favorite ones."

"Because of a traffic jam in the city of Groningen I was late for my first class with Mr. Allie. Along the way to the school I was worried and it caused me a big depression. Being late, I opened the door of the classroom in a hurry and there he was with a big smile and he said "take it easy"! This was my first lesson from Mr. Allie in "being relaxed."